Assembly of components and products

assembling > finishing > checking > packaging > documenting

Almost all injection molding components are further processed and integrated into a product or a component.To save time and costs, we offer you all of this from a single source.From the injection moulding parts and their further processing through to components and complete systems or products, checked and documented.

We can also supply and integrate medical- and industrial-quality hoses and also other components in order to provide you with complete product solutions to meet your needs.
We acquire these hoses from our affiliated organisation, Novoplast Schlauchtechnik GmbH (

For customers in medical technology, we also offer assembly (joints, bonding, welding, assembling, etc.) in our class 7 cleanroom.
We also deliver your items and products to you pre-packaged and labelled directly to your finished goods warehouse on request.

Simply everything from a single source - from development through to the finished product.
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