Fleima-Plastic: Pioneer in climate protection

Fleima-Plastic participates in the energy efficiency network ETA-Plus and thus also supports the climate and energy policy goals of Germany.

For this there was now a certificate from the Federal Minister of Economics and Energy, Peter Altmeier, and the Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Svenja Schulze.

Participation in an energy efficiency network enables companies to plan and efficiently implement economic investments in energy efficiency based on a solid database. The joint exchange of experience facilitates implementation, reduces energy consumption, helps to cut energy costs - and creates competitive advantages. At the same time, companies can position themselves in an important socio-political context and demonstrate commitment to climate protection and technical innovations.

"By participating in the network and the regular exchange we can significantly accelerate our progress in the field of energy efficiency", say Sina Jäger and Michéle Dietz, energy management officers at Fleima-Plastic.

The instrument of energy efficiency networks goes back to an idea from Switzerland, where companies have been joining together in networks since 1987. A pilot program of the Federal Government then brought the approach to Germany.

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