Tool and production relocation - safely and systematically!

Sometimes it becomes necessary to relocate a mold and the entire associated injection molding production from one supplier to another. The reasons for this can be many and varied, but the relocation of mold and production itself presents companies with major challenges.

The main concerns with a change of supplier are critical issues such as open deliveries or scarce safety stock. In the vast majority of cases, a plastic component is central to the assembly of a complex product. If the component is no longer available, the entire assembly can usually also no longer be realized. This can result in production downtime with unpleasant consequences such as delivery delays, contract penalties, loss of rating, etc.

With us, you relocate your tools quickly, safely and systematically!


"Finding a new partner who also has the specific expertise, infrastructure and flexible machine capacity is not always easy."

Ismail Dogru, Key-Account-Manager Fleima-Plastic

Why change at all?

The reasons for a tool relocation can be manifold:

  •     (Imminent) insolvency of the previous supplier
  •     No more participation in the medical technology market due to extensive regulations
  •     Dissatisfaction with quality, conditions or delivery times
  •     Closure of production sites
  •     Takeover of the supplier by a competitor

Our relocation concept ensures a smooth process

We offer the service of tool relocation as a complete technical and logistical solution. Our process, which has been proven for many years, provides for the following steps:

Pre-clarification of all important parameters

With us you avoid imminent production standstills with unpleasant consequences such as delivery delays, contractual penalties, rating losses, etc. We clarify important parameters such as number of pieces, size, range or stock in advance.

On-site inspection of the tool

We jointly inspect the tool to be relocated on site / at your current supplier. As soon as our experts have inspected your tool and given the go-ahead, it can be relocated to us.

Safe tool transfer

Together we agree on the exact transport conditions and ensure a smooth (even short-term) tool transfer from your current supplier to us.

Thorough tool reconditioning

As soon as we receive your mold, it is subjected to an intensive analysis and, if necessary, reconditioned. Our specialists can restore your injection molds to the best possible condition, depending on your needs and wishes. With this service package, your injection mold will be ready for use and productive again. You will, of course, receive a comprehensive warranty on all our work.


"Trust our experience: in recent years, we have successfully outsourced numerous mold projects from the medical technology, pharmaceutical/laboratory and food industries to us."

Ismail Dogru, Key-Account-Manager Fleima-Plastic

Testing the suitable machine

Injection molding machines are built to work with interchangeable molds. Nevertheless, not every mold always fits on every machine. Therefore, we check the installation dimensions right at the start and select the most suitable machine. In addition to the machine size, we also check all other required parameters such as clamping force, injection pressure, cooling capacity and much more. In this way, we ensure long before installation that your injection mold can also be used at the desired productivity.

Start of production and ongoing optimization

After we have ensured that your mold is ready for use, we carry out a sampling within a few days. As a rule, production can restart after just three to four weeks. Our process also provides for ongoing optimization of your tools, in which we make recommendations for improvement (e.g. in terms of extending tool life or reducing the price of manufactured parts). In short: With us, the productivity of your tools and the quality of your components remain at the highest level.

Specialists in handling valuable production resources

The production of precision-fit injection molds is difficult, and handling them in regular operation is demanding. Even the smallest damage to the surface or the mechanics can lead to molded part defects during series production. Corrosion, caked plastic residues, jammed ejectors or blocked cooling channels are typical signs of wear in an injection mold. Recognizing and eliminating these is part of our responsible handling of these expensive molds.

Our services for mold preparation

  •     Cleaning of the mold from corrosion and production residues
  •     Polishing of the cavity and the inlet and vent channels
  •     Mechanical reworking of the ejectors
  •     Cleaning of the cooling channels
  •     Grinding out or reworking of damage to the mold surface
  •     Replacement of seals and other wear parts

More about our solutions in the field of medical technology

Whether standard articles or individual customer solutions - our components have been used in medical technology for almost 50 years. We know the market and its requirements very well.


"We don't let your supply chains break down. We see ourselves as your "immediate help package" so that you can regain calm in your supply situation and concentrate on your core business."

Ismail Dogru, Key-Account-Manager Fleima-Plastic

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