Masterflex Group

Masterflex SE from Gelsenkirchen is the specialist in the global and effective development and manufacture of sophisticated connection and hose systems made from innovative high-tech plastics.
Since our founding in 1987, we explore the various application possibilities of special plastics, including combined with other materials, and implement them in customised products.
The fields of application of our high-tech hoses are highly varied and are not limited to specific sectors. Whether it is in machine construction, the air travel or automobile industry, in energy companies or even in the manufacture and processing of food and pharmaceutical products and the medical industry: you can find areas of application for our products everywhere. These many-layered application areas, paired with expertise in processing highly sophisticated plastics, enable us to develop solutions which cannot be carried out sufficiently, sustainably, or even at all using conventional materials.
We control the entire process chain, from using the materials and developing our own production processes on self-developed plants through to the production and sale of the products.
The mainstays for Masterflex are internationalisation and innovation with the development of new applications. Today, the group is represented by twelve companies in eight countries with their own local operations.

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